Gas prices on the rise!

With fuel prices rising this summer, smart motorists can save dramatically by following these 5 simple gas-saving tips.

1. Plan your trip
Did you know that several short trips can consume up to 2X more fuel when initiated from a cold engine? By planning your trips wisely, you’ll save big.

2. Use your cruise control
Using your cruise control when out on the highway will help you maintain speed that is legal, safe, — and very fuel efficient.

3. Refuel in the morning
Gas is stored underground and is more dense in the morning when it’s cooler. As the day warms, gas expands and a litre of gas becomes slightly less by volume.

4. Keep your air filter clean
Replacing your air filter is easy and inexpensive, and probably the most practical way to increase gas mileage of any vehicle.

5. Brake sensibly
Avoid sudden breaking when coming to an intersection. You’ll save considerably by taking your foot off the gas pedal and coasting to a stop.