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When school is in session, driving safety tips are very important to follow in the school zone or wherever children may be standing or walking.

Pay Attention!

  • When you are in neighborhoods where there are a lot of children walking to school, be alert to children darting out into the street or riding their bicycles.
  • Be very careful when backing out of your driveway to look for children that may suddenly run across your driveway or are too small to see out of your rear view mirror.
  • Watch for signs that indicate school is in session.Watch for crossing guards holding signs up indicating you need to stop and wait for all pedestrians to be out of the cross walk.
  • Watch for school buses that are loading or unloading children in front of houses or schools. When a bus pulls to the side of the road or even stops in the middle of the road, you must come to a complete stop. Do this when you see the stop sign flip outward on the driver’s side of the bus. Sometimes children that leave the bus need to cross the street, the bus driver puts the sign out to warn you that a child may enter the street and you are not to pass the bus.

From all the folks at B&D Autobody, let’s keep our kids safe on the roads this fall.