BMW and Mini Certified Repair
The BMW and MINI Certified technicians at B&D Autobody know that in most accidents there’s often more damage than meets the eye. Even a minor collision can undermine your vehicle’s structural integrity, mechanical systems, electronics, and performance.

Vancouver’s Official BMW & MINI Certified Collision Repair Centre

BMW & MINI Certified Collision Repair Centres are the only collision repair centres that have the specialized technology, tools, and technicians to ensure your BMW or MINI’s various systems are restored to their original factory safety specifications.

Even with minor repairs, it’s important to take major care and do the work right –using BMW and MINI-approved procedures and equipment.

And because B&D Autobody is an official BMW and Mini Repair Certified, we can issue a Certificate of Repair guaranteeing that your MINI or BMW was restored by specially trained technicians, using only original MINI or BMW parts.

Call B&D Autobody at 604-255-6383, the official BMW and Mini Certified Repair Centre in Vancouver.