BMW auto repairOld man winter can be rough on any car and washing your BMW is a good opportunity to take a look for any possible extra damage that may have happened during harsher driving conditions.

This could be what amounts to scrapes in your body paint or minor stone cracks in the windshield, which often require only repairing the chips themselves –without replacing the entire windshield.

No body shop knows your BMW better than B&D Autobody and Glass. You see, BMW made us an Authorized BMW Auto Repair Centre because we know the value and intricacies of your investment.

Your BMW is worth every penny it costs to own one. The craftsmanship and durability of this automobile can be dramatically extended with very simple car care done on a routine basis. A little extra time to do routine maintenance will see to it that your BMW will be the gemstone of the highway for many years to come.