Avoid Damage to Side Mirrors

side-mirror-repairAccidents, vandalism and daily use can damage your vehicle’s side mirrors. Many of today’s premium automobiles like BMW, Lexus and Mini have high-tech mirrors which can be finicky to fix and replace.

If you need a new side mirror or if you have any cracked or broken glass issues, call the Factory Authorized glass repair specialists at BD Autobody and Glass – and get the job done right – the first time.

3 Tips to Avoid Mirror Damage

  1. Be carefully while parking and pay attention to vehicles around you
  2. Park in safe, well lit areas
  3. Clean your mirrors gently

Call us today. We’ll come direct to your home or office with our expert mobile glass repair service.

Why Choose A Certified Body Shop?

BMW and Lexus Certified
Factory certification matters!

Most body repair centres work at doing their best to restore your vehicle to its original condition. However, not all body shops are created equal.

Getting an auto manufacturer to recognize a body shop as “factory certified” is no easy feat and takes into account many factors. Consistent quality workmanship is at the top of the list, followed closely by customer service – to name just two.

B&D Autobody and Glass has been repairing vehicles for almost three decades and Premium Brand vehicle manufactures like BMW and Lexus took notice and designated us with their official factory authorized repair centre status. Now that’s a label we can live with.

Call B&D Autobody and Glass at 604-255-6383 for the professional grade craftsmanship both you and your vehicle deserve.

BMW and Lexus Certified





How To Change A Flat Tire

How to change a flat tire.
7 Steps for Changing a Flat Tire

You might someday have to tackle the roadside tire change. It doesn’t have to be a bad experience. Follow the 7 steps below and you should be on your way sooner than you thought.

  1. Get to a safe level spot, put your vehicle in PARK and set the parking brake
  2. Find your spare tire, jack and tire iron
  3. Loosen the wheel lugs
  4. Jack up the car
  5. Remove the flat tire
  6. Install the spare
  7. Lower the car and tighten the wheel lugs completely

Important details about compact spare tires

Compact spare tires have a limited top speed, which will be written on the tire’s sidewall. Don’t exceed that. Compact spares also have limited road life, so use them only long enough to get home or to the nearest service station or tire store. If your vehicle has a full-size spare, there’s no problem.



B&D Auto Body Now Certified By Lexus Canada

LEXUS Certified
The Long Road Leads to Lexus Certification

More than 30 years of hard work, applied diligence and constant upgrading made us what we are today.

And LEXUS Canada agreed!

B&D Autobody and Glass is honoured to have been chosen by LEXUS to receive their LEXUS CERTIFICATION and be their preferred collision repair centre in Vancouver. An honour we don’t take lightly.

You can trust B&D Autobody and Glass to repair your vehicle to the high standards of LEXUS exacting factory specifications. After all, the LEXUS people seem to trust us.


Help Us Help Sick Kids

BC Children's Hospital
Every Bit Helps

Throughout 2017, B & D Auto Body and Glass and HALCO Glass will be giving away a thermos bottle to all customers for a charitable donation. The donation can be of any amount of your choosing, and in exchange you will be receiving either a matte black or glossy white thermos bottle.

All charitable donations will go towards the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation to help support BC Children’s Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children and the Child & Family Research Institute.

Your generosity allows us to improve the lives of tens of thousands of children and their families each year.

BC Children's Hospital Foundation






New Year, New Driving Habits

snowy driving conditionsA warning to drivers from ICBC

ICBC is reminding drivers that speed limits are for ideal conditions only. Vancouver has welcomed its first snow fall since February 2014, with much more is likely to follow. An ICBC spokesperson reminds drivers to adjust their driving to accommodate the likely upcoming snowy conditions forecasted.

“Well as we are in the first major snow fall in the lower mainland for quite some time a good reminder is that posted speed limits are for the ideal conditions only. So we are not in sunshine and bright conditions we are in we slushy conditions so we want drivers to adjust their driving to the winter conditions, allowing yourself plenty of time to get to where you need to go. And when you’re driving slow down, and allow yourself at least twice the normal breaking distance on these snow covered and slushy roads.”

ICBC Windshield Replacement



Preparing For A Winter Blast!

old man winterGetting ahead of ol’ man winter

Weather stripping can dry easily throughout the hot summer months, leading to cracking and breaking. This may not seem like a big deal, but cracked and damaged weather stripping can mean overall window or windshield integrity is compromised.

Weather stripping can prevent a window from wobbling or tapping against the installation surface. When it’s gone, a window stands a fair chance of cracking or breaking if any significant wind resistance forces it to shift.

Taking the time to perform basic window care and maintenance now can save you on headaches, accidents and money over the upcoming winter season.

B&D Autobody and Glass Ltd. | Vancouver

Certified Lexus Collision Repair

factory authorized Lexus repair centreYou’ve always known quality. That’s why you invested in a Lexus. You rely on your vehicle to get around, and you rely on your vehicle to get away. Like maybe to Whistler for the weekend.

But sometimes accidents happen when you least expect it


Lexus Certified Collision Repair Service.

The first thing you need to do is find a Factory Authorized Lexus Collision Repair Centre to get your premium vehicle looking and running like new again. You’ll need original factory replacement parts, and you’ll need professional grade workmanship. The kind that’s best for your Lexus.

You’re in luck. Because B&D Autobody and Glass is a Factory Authorized Lexus Repair Centre in the Vancouver area. Call us today at 604-255-6383 and we’ll help you get around, and we’ll help you get away once again -quickly and painlessly.

factory authorized Lexus repair centre






BMW Alloy Wheel Repair

BMW alloy wheel repair by B&D Autobody in Vancouver.Get great results every time!

Wheel damage to your BMW alloy wheels can occur from something as minor as touching a roadside curb or from damage made during a collision.

In cases where the damage is purely superficial, our Certified BMW alloy wheel repair technicians can deliver the highest quality results using the very latest in BMW alloy wheel repair technology.

In the unlikely event of more serious structural damage, our BMW Certified repair specialists may recommend a wheel replacement. We’ll advise you on the right road to follow.

B&D Autobody & Glassyour Certified BMW Repair Centre