cold weatherFor the most part, those of us living in Southwestern British Columbia enjoy relatively moderate winters.

However there are times when temperatures can dip into the minuses and sometimes this can catch us off guard when it comes to the care and attention we pay to the glass we take for granted in our vehicles.

The Problem

You might not notice the tiny chips that mar your windshield surface –until external temperatures drop below zero and a barely visible chip suddenly develops into a crack. You can aggravate the situation by defrosting your windshield too rapidly or by pouring hot water on it.

The Cause

The problem is caused by the metal frame of the car expanding and contracting (due to temperature extremes) at a different rate than the windshield glass. This causes additional stress on the glass in cold weather, particularly at the pointed ends of a crack, resulting in serous risk of further separation.


Have existing chips fixed before winter. Do not turn the car’s windshield defogger to maximum heat as soon as you come out of your garage; rather, warm it gradually to minimize temperature differences on freezing days.