BMW side view mirrorDriving with a damaged or smudged side view mirror is dangerous — and today’s high tech power mirrors can be expensive to repair. Once again, an ounce of prevention can definitely be worth a pound of cure.

Here are some basic pointers from B&D Autobody and Glass on how you can avoid auto side view mirror damage.

Auto mirror damage tip #1: Pay attention when driving

Typical causes of damage:

  • Pulling out of a parking space or a garage in reverse
  • Failing to tuck in your mirrors when going through a car wash
  • Pulling in to a tight space too quickly and misjudging the distance

Auto mirror damage tip #2: Park in safe areas

Typical causes of damage:

  • Vandals typically target side mirrors, as they are easy to break
  • Other drivers may wing your mirrors as they parallel park near your car

Auto mirror damage tip #3: Clean with care

Typical causes of damage:

  • Using abrasive cleaners that leave streaks or smudges on your mirrors
  • Using brushes or other tools that scratch your mirrors
  • Applying too much pressure and damaging the glass

Auto mirror damage tip #4: Protect and respect power mirrors

Typical causes of damage:

  • Unnecessary use of power mirror controls (kids/pets playing with controls)
  • Electrical short over many years of vehicle ownership
  • Physical damage to power mirror control buttons

B&D Autobody and Glass can repair or replace your side view mirrors properly! Contact our auto mirror damage experts at 604-255-6383 for an estimate or to set up a service date.