In British Columbia, a roundabout is a circular intersection without stop signs or traffic signals. Traffic flows counterclockwise around a central island.

Roundabouts improve traffic flow. They reduce serious crashes, injuries, and fatalities because they virtually eliminate the chance of a head-on or right-angle collisions. They improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Yield to traffic that’s already inside the roundabout — it has the right of way.
  • Drive counter-clockwise within the asphalt lane.
  • There is usually a raised or coloured apron around the centre island in the roundabout. It’s there for large trucks and emergency vehicles only.
  • Keep moving while you’re in the roundabout. If an emergency vehicle approaches, don’t block its path.
  • When you’re leaving the roundabout, signal a right turn just before you exit. That lets drivers waiting to enter the roundabout and pedestrians waiting to cross know your intentions.