Avoid costly damage
A fifth of all car insurance claims is a result of accidents that happen in parking lots. Here are a few tips to avoid fender benders and other costly damage to your vehicle.


  • Park far away. The farther you park away from a store or mall, the fewer cars that you’ll have to contend with — and it may leave you with a quicker and easier route when it’s time to leave.
  • Back out slowly. Use your mirrors and back-up camera when backing out of a space, but don’t rely on them completely. Always scan carefully side-to-side for pedestrians and other vehicles.
  • Respect others. Drive slowly in parking lots, stay in your lane, allow enough space for other drivers to open their doors, and only park in designated spots.
  • Never take up two spaces. Your vehicle might be your pride and joy, but drivers who take up two spaces in parking lots are inviting vandalism, especially during busy periods when lots become full and frustration runs high.