Summer Road Trip: Tips For 2020

It won’t be the usual when it comes to planning a road trip this summer. Although the restrictions on road travel are gradually (and cautiously) being lifted, there are some things you can do to minimize risks and enjoy your journey.

Lighter traffic. On a positive note, driving your vehicle should be less stressful, and gas will be a lot cheaper.

Bargains galore. Hotel and lodging prices will have dropped significantly. You won’t encounter long lineups at the check-in counter. And don’t forget to ask about free parking.

Be sensitive to locals. Small towns have limited medical infrastructure. Local businesses will appreciate your patronage, but at the same time would want you to respect their social distancing guidelines.

Bring along disinfectant. Sanitize your hands and car keys after entering your vehicle and wipe down your vehicles high-touch points frequently — gear shift, steering wheel, emergency brake handle, seat belts, etc. before starting your car.

Bring snacks from home. The fewer stops you make to pick up your favorite snack or beverage on the road makes social distancing easier, and better for everyone.

These are unusual times and we all must take precautions in the months ahead — wherever we are, wherever we’re going. But with common sense and sticking to the social distancing rule, we will manage this historic time together.

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