BMW Alloy Wheel Repair

BMW alloy wheel repair by B&D Autobody in Vancouver.Get great results every time!

Wheel damage to your BMW alloy wheels can occur from something as minor as touching a roadside curb or from damage made during a collision.

In cases where the damage is purely superficial, our Certified BMW alloy wheel repair technicians can deliver the highest quality results using the very latest in BMW alloy wheel repair technology.

In the unlikely event of more serious structural damage, our BMW Certified repair specialists may recommend a wheel replacement. We’ll advise you on the right road to follow.

B&D Autobody & Glassyour Certified BMW Repair Centre

BMW Spot Paint Repair

BMW spot paint repair

Making paint chips & scratches disappear.

Spot paint repair for your BMW should match BMW’s strict standards of excellence. B&D Autobody is a BMW Certified Repair Centre and provides the right expertise in getting your BMW looking great again.

Paint damage can be caused by vandalism, accidents or road hazards such as stone chip paint damage. Paint damage always detracts from the otherwise perfect appearance of your BMW and can affect your vehicle’s resale value.

By implementing the environmentally friendly BMW ColorSystem –and using a special treatment and partial painting, it is possible to repair small or big scratches quickly and accurately. The result is perfection , the work is invisible –and the appearance of your BMW restored to its former glory.

B&D Autobody & Glass-your BMW Certified Repair Centre

BMW & Mini Certified Collision Centre

BMW and Mini Certified Repair
The BMW and MINI Certified technicians at B&D Autobody know that in most accidents there’s often more damage than meets the eye. Even a minor collision can undermine your vehicle’s structural integrity, mechanical systems, electronics, and performance.

Vancouver’s Official BMW & MINI Certified Collision Repair Centre

BMW & MINI Certified Collision Repair Centres are the only collision repair centres that have the specialized technology, tools, and technicians to ensure your BMW or MINI’s various systems are restored to their original factory safety specifications.

Even with minor repairs, it’s important to take major care and do the work right –using BMW and MINI-approved procedures and equipment.

And because B&D Autobody is an official BMW and Mini Repair Certified, we can issue a Certificate of Repair guaranteeing that your MINI or BMW was restored by specially trained technicians, using only original MINI or BMW parts.

Call B&D Autobody at 604-255-6383, the official BMW and Mini Certified Repair Centre in Vancouver.

BMW Winter Maintenance

BMW auto repairOld man winter can be rough on any car and washing your BMW is a good opportunity to take a look for any possible extra damage that may have happened during harsher driving conditions.

This could be what amounts to scrapes in your body paint or minor stone cracks in the windshield, which often require only repairing the chips themselves –without replacing the entire windshield.

No body shop knows your BMW better than B&D Autobody and Glass. You see, BMW made us an Authorized BMW Auto Repair Centre because we know the value and intricacies of your investment.

Your BMW is worth every penny it costs to own one. The craftsmanship and durability of this automobile can be dramatically extended with very simple car care done on a routine basis. A little extra time to do routine maintenance will see to it that your BMW will be the gemstone of the highway for many years to come.

BMW: B&D Autobody “Best in BC!”

BMW B&D Autobody and GlassAt B&D Autobody and Glass –being recognized as a Certified Body Repair Centre for BMW is something we don’t take lightly.

That’s why staffers at B&D Autobody and Glass were excited when BMW recently announced they would be stopping by to do a surprise audit and evaluation of our efforts in maintaining their brand.

The result? B&D Autobody and Glass scored 99% out of a hundred by the folks from BMW. That’s the highest score assessed by BMW in British Columbia —which makes us the best in BC!

Upholding the high standards of the BMW brand is something every staff member strives to meet with every vehicle that comes through our doors. And that’s something we’re definitely proud of.

B&D Autobody Certified BMW & MINI Collision Repair Centre.




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