driving in the rain

Summer Rain!

Summer is almost here and many of us will be taking long excursions in our cars. As we do live in BC we can be sure of one thing…RAIN!

Everybody knows that oil and water don’t mix. A rainstorm, especially a real downpour, demonstrates this fact perfectly. As the rain builds up on the road’s surface, oily dirt is forced from the pavement and sits on top of the roadway. That makes it hard for your tires to get good traction. Your car is likely to spin its wheels and fishtail or slide around on the greasy surface. Many windshield repair companies receive a lot of business after thunderstorms or long downpours.

Never drive in a storm if you are tired or distracted. This is good advice whenever you are driving, but it is even more important when the roads are wet. You must be alert. Do not eat, drink, adjust the radio or talk on your cell phone. Keep both hands on the wheel to maintain complete control, or you may end up needing windshield replacement.

If you do have auto glass damage on a wet roadway, contact B&D Autobody and Glass for windshield repair or replacement. Bring your vehicle directly to B&D Autobody and Glass at 1488 Clark Drive in Vancouver or give us a call at 604-255-6383 and we have a mobile service that will come to your home or place of business to perform the repair or replacement –quickly and efficiently.