What To Do After A Crash

car accident

Step one
If anyone’s injured, call 911.
Move the vehicles off the road if it’s safe to do so.
Avoid discussing who’s at fault for the crash.

Step two

Record the following for all the vehicles and drivers involved in the crash:
• driver’s name, driver’s licence no., province/state and contact info
• licence plate and year, make and model of vehicle
• insurance details if the vehicle isn’t from B.C.
(You may also need to provide this information to the police).

Step three
See if there were any witnesses. Record their names and contact info.

Step four
Describe the crash scene (if possible take photos):
• What was the time, date and weather conditions?
• What was the location?
• What direction were you both traveling?
• Where was your vehicle and what lane were you using?
• Where was the other vehicle?

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4 thoughts on “What To Do After A Crash

  1. Thanks for the post on what to do after a car crash. I wish I had this information two months ago when I was involved in a fairly minor fender bender. Sometimes it’s hard to think straight when the unexpected actually happens to you.

    • You are very welcome Amy1967. BTW – you can stop by our shop anytime and pick up our free point-by-point ‘Accident Report Card’ check list. Keep it in your glove box – just in case. -Admin

    • Thanks for the article Wayne222. However, the theme of this post is about car crashes – which prompts us to think about the challenges of fixing one of those buggys. -Admin

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