winter tires

B&D Autobody and Glass installs winter tires on all courtesy vehicles.

Winter tires have tread patterns specifically designed to dig down and bite into snow and ice.

They’re made from softer rubber compounds that retain their flexibility in cold weather, allowing the tire to better conform to the surface of the road.

Regular tires tend to get hard and brittle in cold temperatures. As a result, winter tires keep a better grip on snowy and icy surfaces than regular all-season or summer tires.

Grip is critical –not just to avoid getting stuck, but to ensure that the car can stop and steer. Life-saving safety technologies such as anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control and all-wheel-drive cannot do their jobs if the tires can’t maintain their grip on the road surface.

With cold weather fast approaching, B&D Autobody and Glass is the ONLY Collision service in Vancouver who regularly replace standard summer tires with winter tires that are approved by Transport Canadaon all their courtesy vehicles.

winter tires


So now you won’t have to cancel that trip to Whistler while your car is being repaired  🙂